Group Interaction Modelling of Polymer Properties

Group Interaction Modelling (GIM) is a technique for predicting the thermomechanical and engineering properties of polymers from fundamental parameters and chemical structure. It uses a contribution based mean field approach to estimate the interactions between neighbouring polymers and scales these up into bulk properties of interest to all polymer scientists.

This website provides a central resource for all matters relating to Group Interaction Modelling. To provide the reader with an impression of the newest developments using the GIM, we are hosting a limited browser-based demonstrator, a Demo. The demo is not a complete representation of what is available in GIM as this would require resources which are still under development at the moment (dedicated server, security, support/maintenance etc). The software is very simple to use. All you have to do is decide the relative ratios of each epoxy (MY721/TGDDM, MY0510/TGAP and Epon828/DGEBA) and a few other inputs.

GIM screenshot GIM screenshot GIM screenshot

News - Updated 2nd Oct 2014


» 2nd October 2014

Antiopi has joined the GIM group as a PhD student. She and Ben will be working on modelling the effects of moisture absorbtion in polymer composites.

» 11th July 2014

The GIMprops Group is greatly saddened by the loss of Prof. David Porter who passed away last week.

» 1st June 2014

A new PhD student, Ben, has joined our growing GIM group.